Twisted sister

What do you do when it’s summer, the beach is near and your daughter has a thick head of hair?

Twisted Sister:

Flat twists into faux hawk with two strand twists:

The Face of a Satisfied Customer

Here’s our go to style for this week.  As her hair becomes healthier it becomes much easier to manage.  Our detangling sessions are down to a few minutes per section.  The comb literally, glides through with ease.  Considering our two hour marathon sessions from months ago, we’ve come a long way.

I can not stress enough the importance of a hair regimen.  The shine and moisture you see is not just a result of the product used but the application of the products and the method used to LOC in the moisture.
After a long, long day at the beach we do the following:
  1. Rinse with water (or use spray bottle)
  2. Section hair in roughly 4-6 chunky two strand twists
  3. Coat each section with oil (EVCO or EVOO or DC)
  4. Allow the oil to soak in for 30min to 1 hour (we use this time to get a bath and for mom to handle her own hair)
  5. Wash the hair – one section at a time, retwisting once each section is washed
  6. Condition the hair – one section at a time, retwisting once coated with rinse out conditioner
  7. Rinse the hair thoroughly – make sure conditioner is out of each section
  8. Leave In Conditioner – apply to each section
  9. Oil – coat each section with oil
  10. Twist each section and let air dry – then style as desired (we style the next day if the wash session is too long)
I hope this helps!!  Our girls should not have to suffer to look good.  There IS a better way!


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