The LOC Method: 3 steps to lasting moisture


For better conditioned and beautiful, naturally defined curls, you’re just 3 easy steps away with the LOC method. Follow these simple steps and see the difference today! We’ve suggested some of our favourite LOC-friendly products below (all available at People’s) but you can use any water-based, oil and cream / butter products you already love and know suits your hair.

Before you start, we recommend sectioning your hair into 3 or 4 sections. This will make it so much easier to make sure you’re evenly coating all of your hair. We recommend repeating all 3 steps to one section at at time, then moving onto the next section.



This step is all about re-hydrating your hair, through water or water-based products. Choose plain water (use a spray bottle) or a water-based leave in conditioner that you like. Working on one section at a time with your hands, work the moisture into your hair from root to tip until it feels re-hydrated.



This steps locks in the water-based moisture from step 1, re-moisturizing your hair and helping it to stay hydrated for days to come (especially important in excessive air conditioning or cooler winter months which can cause hair to lose is moisture). We love using natural oils like coconut, almond or grapeseed oils but any light oils will work. Smooth the oil through your hair with your fingers, working one section at a time to make sure that the moisture is locked in evenly and thoroughly.



This step is all about the final condition of your hair. We recommend picking a cream or butter-based product which suits your hair and which you love the smell of! Apply your cream or butter, one section at a time, repeating a smoothing motion with your fingers until your hair feels evenly coated and at its best.



…and you’re done! Scrunch your hair with your fingers after all sections are complete to help define your natural curls. Repeat at least once a week, depending on the condition of your hair.


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