Summer sale to help you beat the heat

Summer is in full swing! Beat the heat and enjoy the sunshine with these cool summer finds. Even better, save 33% to 75% on all summer items at People’s while supplies last.

Go, get your beach on

These gigantic beach blankets from BigMouth Inc. are 5 feet wide, offering plenty of room for catching some rays while keeping the sand at bay. Plus, just look at how fun they are!


Pon de water

If “Just Keep Swimming” isn’t your ideal theme song, here are some ideas to help you relax on the water. Keep your drinks close and cool with the Intex River Run sport lounge and inflatable cooler. With the SwimWays Original Spring Float hammock, you can be one with the water while floating leisurely. If you prefer to just get your feet wet while chilling with friends, check out the Bestway CoolerZ X3 Inflatable Pool Float, which holds up to 3 people (total weight of 595 pounds). Speaking of friends, get the party going with the BigMouth Party Pong floating pool party game.* On the other hand, if you are more in the mood for a solo trek on the water, the Intex Challenger K1 Kayak is a durable, inflatable kayak set that will have you rowing in no time.

*Please remember to drink responsibly.


Summer babies

The little people in your life also want to have some fun in the sun! With a range of floats for babies, toddlers and school-aged children, People’s has what you need to keep them splashing safely.

How cute is this Tinysaurus Rex Lil’ Float from BigMouth?! We also can’t get over the Lil’ Canopy Floats with their adorable designs. For the more advanced swimmer, the Swimways Power Swimr is a fantastic graduated swim system that allows you to adjust the level of support for your child by adding or removing flotation pads. And for the bitty baby, the Swimways Infant Baby Spring Float is ideal; it has an adjustable sun canopy for UPF 50+ sun protection and an adjustable 3-point harness to keep your baby safe.

Remember, flotation devices are no substitute for adult supervision. Please keep children within arm’s lengths at all times in and around the water.


Water the lawn

Sometimes, you just want to enjoy water fun in your own backyard. The Intex Prism Frame 12ft x 30in pool is a durable above-ground pool that is ready for water in 30 minutes. Alternatively, the 5ft x 15.5in Lil’ Pool from BigMouth is the perfect size for small children to splash around. For toddlers ages 1 – 3, try our selection of Intex baby pools, like this Royal Castle or Mushroom.

Of course, water fun isn’t limited to the pool! The Intex Dinoland Play Centre gets kids over the age of 3 sliding and splashing. Kids over the age of 5 love the 18ft Bestway H2O! Go Double Slider water slide for the garden, which puts two lanes side by side for slide racing action. Similarly, the Bestway H2O Go! Fun Blobz Toy is a squishy surface that is perfect for playing, sliding and bouncing. For some sprinkler action, bring a little magic to your yard with the BigMouth Inc. Giant Inflatable Magical Unicorn Yard Sprinkler. Alternatively, turn the action up a notch with the SwimWays Flood Force Surge, a 2-pack of water soakers that can shoot water up to 25 feet for epic water battles.


A camping we will go

Camping doesn’t necessarily mean roughing it. In fact, these comfy air mattresses will make you feel right at home. Lay in the lap of luxury with the Intex Ultra Daybed Inflatable Lounge. This luxe lounge is 75in x 20in; that is plenty of room for getting comfy either indoors or outdoors. The tried and tested Intex Super Tough Dura-Beam Airbed has incredible durability due to its thousands of high-strength polyester fibers.


Pull up a chair, have a drink

Whether you are camping, barbecuing, or just chilling at the beach, it feels great to sit and relax with a drink in hand. Be sure to pick up a Kelsyus Original Canopy Chair for portable comfort and optional shade. We can’t say enough about the ONIVA Sidekick Portable Cooler; it folds down to a tiny 8in x 8in x 32in for easy transport and storage, it has a large zippered opening for loading and a small opening for convenient access, it can hold a whopping 48 cans and it has a drainage spout in the bottom.

The thirst is real

Nothing says summer like the quintessential Bermudian “drink”. What is “drink”? Well, while the exact contents of “drink” might vary from family to family, one constant is the need for a suitable drink container. For a large gathering, the 5 gallon Rubbermaid Water Cooler is a great bet to keep your drink cool for hours. If you need a smaller cooler, we also love this 3 gallon Rubbermaid Water Cooler. Of course, if you just need drinks for a couple of people, the half gallon beverage cooler from Coleman is easy to carry, easy to fill and – with a flip spout – easy to pour.

Sun safety

Naturally, if you are spending more time outdoors in the summer, you are at greater risk for sun damage. Protect your skin from harmful rays with sparkly sunscreens from Unicorn Snot or Sea Star Sparkle. If you want to make your own shade, this lightweight Yello Beach Tent provides SPF 50+ protection and takes just minutes to set up.



Shoes for sand and swimming

What feels better than soft, comfy flip-flops? Knowing that each pair supports rubber farmers and artisans around the world, of course! Feelzgoodz is committed to using earth friendly materials and using direct trade practices to make quality footwear.

A good pair of swim shoes can protect your feet in and out of the water. Yello Aqua Shoes come in sizes for both children and adults, with a drawstring to adjust the size.


Be prepared

Is it even summer without some #summerloving #beachbum #boatlife snaps on Instagram? Nothing puts a damper on a summer day, however, like a drowned phone or camera. Protect your gadget with the Travelon Floating Waterproof Smart Phone/Digital Camera Pouch. You can use your touch screen through the air and water-tight pouch, keeping your phone safely inside. In the event that your pouch does take a dive, the foam insert in the pouch will bring it back up to the surface.

This one goes out to all the ladies… Summer is full of events that have you on the go and you never know when you might get a little surprise. This Panty Fresh On-the-Go Emergency Pocket Size Travel Kit is a lifesaver. With a reusable seamless thong, an individually wrapped pantyliner, a hypoallergenic wipe and a wash bag, you have a convenient way to stay one step ahead.

So, how should you carry your new pouch and emergency kit? Just throw them into one of these cute American Jewel Mesh Totes or Drawstring Bags. We especially adore the aqua and pink coral colours for summer, although the white and black make versatile additions to any outfit.



Gone fishing

While summer can be a very busy season, it’s nice to take the occasional fishing break. These Yello Fishing Rod and Tackle Sets have everything you need to get out on the water and start reeling them in.


No matter what you get up to this summer, People’s has something for you. Stop by to see our summer sale items and save 33% to 75% while supplies last!



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