Sulfate-Free Shampoos – Why your hair needs them now

As the daughter of a pharmacist my natural inclination is to mix and blend products, to gravitate to the ingredient list and to ensure that, where possible, I know what all those ates, cones and other fancy names mean.  So to answer the question “Why your hair needs them now?”, let’s first understand what sulfates are and why your hair products should be free of them.


If you want to get technical and understand the nature of the beast you can easily Google and get your chemistry on!!  In basic hair terms sulfates make the shampoo you use lather up (sudsy).  They occur in most products in the form Sodium laureth sulfate, or sodium lauryl ether sulfate (SLES).  I’ll be honest, mentally, there is just something about suds that make me feel cleaner; especially with soaps and shampoo.


Now to address the why sulfates are bad and should stay out of your hair and skin regimen, let’s address the downside.  The chemicals strip away the body’s natural oils which are required to maintain a healthy balance.  Sulfates have also been implicated in the frizz war waged by we curly girls and any thing with drying/stripping properties is not good for curl pattern.


So if your hair is dry, or curly, or colored, or processed here are a few readily available sulfate-free options at People’s.









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