Shea Moisture Flat Twist Out Tutorial

Hair styles for our Little Naturals should be easy to manage, well moisturized and ideally last for as long as possible to minimize damage. Moist importantly they should be easy on those fragile edges.
We had an important function at the end of the school week so we needed this style to last for 5 whole days then take down for a twist out.


Step 1. Wash and condition hair with Coconut Hibiscus Curl & Shine Shampoo & Conditioner – rinse thorougly – DO NOT TOWEL DRY HAIR – for our full tutorial check out wash routine

Step 2. Section hair and apply oil of choice – we use organic Grapeseed oil because it is lightweight and gives us maximum shine – LOC Method

Step 3. Apply moisturizer of choice – to maintain moisture until the twist out stage.

Step 4. Once hair is completely moisturized section for styling – we opted for two strand flat twists (if you can twist you can flat twist – Trust me)

Step 5. Apply Ecostyler (optional) to the edges of each twisted section for a sleeker appearance and apply perm rods to the ends to secure

Step 6.  To be continued …….hair was worn in this style for 3 days, then refreshed – spritzed with water and retwisted for the remaining two days.


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