People’s Fantastic Finds

One of the great things about coming to People’s Pharmacy is the fact that there are so many treasures to find. Whether you’re waiting for a prescription to be filled, shopping for those necessities, or just coming in to browse, you will always find something that will spark your interest. Here are some unique wellness products that may call your name the next time you walk in the door!

Sharon O’Connor’s Music Cooks ®

These easy, healthy and fresh recipes will have you signing your favorite tune in no time. What’s better is that a music CD is included to give you some further inspiration! MusicCooks recipe cards include easy-to-follow recipes, a food photo for every dish, and practical cook’s tips. The sturdy laminated cards are easy to clean, and each recipe has a shopping and pantry list. Can’t go wrong with that! image001image004

AuraCacia ® Organic Yoga Mists

A quick spritz with some soothing and refreshing mist is sometimes the perfect remedy to wake you up. These USDA organic mists can be used on the body, in the air, and on surfaces such as your yoga mat. What better way to get a quick wellness moment with these 100% pure essential oil mists? Light weight and portable, this product can be a great addition to your wellness routine. image006

Umbra ® Buddy Tea Infuser

There’s nothing like creativity and fun. These popular tea infusers give you just that whilst sipping your favorite cup of tea. The silicone holder is attached to a removable stainless steel mesh to allow perfect infusion of your desired loose tea leaves. This “buddy” hangs onto your mug while sipping and holds up to 1 TBSP of tea. Food safe. BPA Free. Top shelf dishwasher safe. Variety of colors. image008 image010 image011


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