Order online! Free Rx delivery now available

We’re pleased to offer the ability to order prescription refills and over-the-counter products online. In order to help members of our community who are at higher risk of complications from COVID-19, we are also introducing a free prescription delivery service.

Where can I order online?

Just go to orders.peoples.bm to place your prescription refill or over-the-counter medicine order.

How do I order online?

Just follow the steps in this guide to complete your order.

In order to proceed with the rest of the form, you must complete the required sections. Please provide your full name, email address and preferred telephone number. Your contact details are essential and allow us to verify important details while filling your order and to let you know once your order is ready for pick-up.

We have designed this form primarily to assist people who are at risk of complications from COVID-19: seniors, expectant mothers and immune compromised customers. Some people may need to simply refill prescriptions, while others may require over the counter products and essential items.

Are you refilling a prescription? Check “Yes”. If not, check “No”.

If you are refilling a prescription, please provide the information that drops down once you click “Yes”. This information includes: date of birth, medical information, whether or not your initial prescription was filled at another pharmacy, your prescription number (marked Rx: on your last prescription label) and your insurance company.

If you are not refilling a prescription, please click “Next” to proceed to the next page.

If you would like to place over-the-counter items in your online order, please select your desired items by entering quantities in the menu that appears when you click “Yes”.

Due to challenges arising from COVID-19, we have limited selections to essential items at this time.

If you are not adding any over-the-counter products to your prescription refill order, please click “No” and then click “Next”.

Is it easier for you to pick up your order at our Victoria Street location or from People’s ACW at KEMH? Select which option you prefer.

Please make sure to let us know if you are over 65, immune compromised, asthmatic or an emergency services worker.

If there is anything else that we need to know, please tell us in the “Additional Information” section.

Check the box to confirm that all your information is correct, hit submit, and we’ll process your online order! Our pharmacists will call you once your order is ready for collection. You can pay over the phone at that time.

How do I collect my online order?

Once our pharmacists have contacted you and payment has been completed, please go to the agreed location and call the pharmacy number from your vehicle to alert the pharmacists that you are ready to collect your online order. One of our staff will bring your order out to you.

The pharmacy numbers are:

People’s (Victoria Street) 292-9261

People’s ACW 232-9261

Free Rx delivery

If you are over the age of 65 or at risk from complications related to COVID-19, we want to help you get the prescription medication that you need without the risk of leaving your home.

If you would like free Rx delivery, please ask your pharmacist if it is available for your location.


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