A Natural Way to Purify Your Home

In warmer, tropical climates one of the primary concerns, in the home, is mold and mildew! People’s Pharmacy can offer you a more pleasant and effective alternative to the tried and tested moth ball remedy. Do you have kitty litter or diaper pails, cook with strong smelling foods, or have multiple trash cans?  What about that gym bag or those shoes that could use a good airing out? MosoNatural ® Air Purifying Bags can help eliminate any unwanted odor or allergen in your environment!


moso bags

What are they?

The MosoNatural ® Air Purifying Bag is made of100% Moso bamboo charcoal, an effective air purifier that absorbs odors, bacteria, harmful pollutants and allergens. It also dehumidifies which helps to prevent excess moisture, mold and mildew.


 How do you use them?

If you are using the 200g and 500g sized bags, place or hang in a fairly open area where air can pass through such as on a hook or window sill. Use the mini bags (50g) nearly anywhere you want to eliminate odors, mold or mildew such as in your shoe, gym bag or hamper.  Once it has reached its full absorption, simply rejuvenate by placing your bag in the sun (usually once a month) for at least one hour. Oops! You got it wet! Don’t worry. Place the bag back out in the sun and once it’s dry the charcoal will begin to work again.


Did you know?


Watch the video to see all the features and uses of MosoNatural® Air Purifying Bags!

mosovidHaving trouble viewing the video? Try this url: http://youtu.be/_f8krveXCA4

All bags are:

  • Fragrance Free
  • Non-Toxic
  • Eco Friendly
  • Lasts up to 2 years

Here are the products we’ve brought in for you at People’s Pharmacy:





At these great prices, it’ll be easy to purify your home the natural way! Come in to People’s Pharmacy today to check them out!

*Please be advised that prices are subject to change*


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