Hassle Free Wash Day – Step by Step

Summertime inevitably involves an epic battle against sun, salt, sand and SWIMMING on a regular basis.  Today was no exception but we decided it was a great time to chronicle our wash day regimen for moms new to this natural journey.

Freshly washed hair – no product, no comb, no hassle and tangle free

Let’s rewind just a bit to our wash day experience two years ago, prior to our natural hair journey and PRE-MOISTURE.  Her hair would be a tangled mess post swimming.  We would throw the shampoo in, dunk her head in conditioner then fight one another to detangle.  All that and then styling which could easily add up to a two hour or more battle which totally makes wash day no fun. 

But knowledge is power!!

So today, thanks in large part to the World Cup and our need to get her hair done (keep in mind our many hours of reading, youtube tutorials and the like) our total time – from wash to finished product – was 1 hour (including photo sessions step by step for the blog).  If you want to minimize the stress and maximize the moisture follow these important steps.

So let’s begin:

Step 1: Pre-poo

 Ideally we pre-poo with coconut oil before every wash.  However, today we had to forego that step since we went from ocean to shower.  Pre-poo involves sectioning the hair (similar to applying a relaxer) and covering the strands with your conditioner or oil of choice.  We typically leave the pre-poo mixture on overnight (but a minimum of 4 hours at least)

Step 2: Wash and Condition

When we first began it was very necessary to section the hair in order to minimize tangling and breakage.  Today, we are able to simply wash and condition – finger detangling as we apply the conditioner.

Today we used Aubrey Organics Green Tea Clarifying Shampoo, Finish Cream Rinse and Honeysuckle Rose Moisturizing Conditioner.

All Aubrey Organics Products available locally at People’s Pharmacy

We don’t pay much attention to the OILY vs. DRY but here is a copy of their matrix for a quick reference, trial and error have taught us which products work best for our hair.  We prefer the Green Tea when we want to clarify her curls and give her hair a quick, deep cleanse.  The Honeysuckle is our go to conditioner for detangling and amazing slip.  My fingers literally glide through her hair with the honeysuckle (keep in mind her hair is packed with moisture to begin with)

Hair fully covered in Green Tea Rinse and Honeysuckle Rose Conditoner
Hair fully saturated
Finger detangled – post wash


Step 3: Rinse Well:

Hair is freshly washed and finger detangled only:

No comb, no product – freshly washed hair

 Step 4: LOC Method (Oil Portion)

This has been the most important step, by far, for us to retain moisture.  The knowledge that moisture is not gained by plying the hair with grease, oils or butter BUT achieved by locking in and sealing the WATER with oils (or butters for thicker textures), has made all the difference to our hair care regimen.  Properly moisturizing her hair has led to decreased detangling, increased hair growth and improved the overall health and strength of her hair strands.
Grapeseed Oil used to seal in moisture
Oil applied to hair in sections

 Step 5: Style (with products of your choice)

We chose a two strand twist style to both stretch the hair and allow us more versatility for the school week.  Her hair will last up to 4-5 days in this style, we can then refresh the front twists and get another 3 days at which point twists are removed for a twist out style until next wash day.
Camille Rose Naturals – add moisture and hold for style
Finished product – two strand twists

To achieve the moisture required we applied the Camille Rose Coconut Water Leave-In to hair in sections.   Hair was then divided into twisting sections, Camille Rose Almond Jai Twist Butter applied along with the Aloe Whipped Gel.  For this particular style we did not use the Camille Rose Curl Maker or Moisture Milk – we use those to refresh her hair mid-week.

Have fun experimenting but don’t forget to LOC in the moisture!!


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