Hair Growth: Quality vs. Quantity

I’m always extremely fascinated when people are emotionally attached to their hair; so attached that they will hang on to every single split, frayed and dead end in the interest of maintaining length.  The idea of  agonizing over a hair trim, cut or chop is foreign to me.  I have never had a problem “chopping” my hair off if I felt it needed it.  I ruthlessly hunt for split ends, single strand knots and other enemies of healthy hair.

My scissor happiness led to some very unhealthy hair choices.  Heat and color damage were often remedied with cuts, trims or complete overhauls without batting an eyelash.  The problem is, I had failed to learn to adequately maintain healthy hair growth.  My daughter, to her great joy, became my test case.

Her hair, at the beginning of our journey, was best described as dry, difficult to manage and a devoid of luster.  Our wash and style sessions were akin to minimal forms of child abuse.  She would scream in pain, I would shout in frustration and generally we had developed an aversion to our weekly routine.

So to avoid years of pain and frustration it was time to do something different!  Something had to change.  If I wanted her to love her hair, to embrace her curls, then something had to give.  If I wanted her to understand that hair length is not the end all be all then I had to act now.

Luckily I’m a tad OCD when it comes to research and discovery because, prior to this journey, my knowledge on our hair in its natural state was limited.  The internet offers up a wealth of knowledge and opens up a tremendous network on the subject; throw in google, add in Youtube and mix in basic knowledge of the “Science of Black Hair” and you have a recipe for hair growth; growth that focuses on quality versus quantity of growth.

Here are a few key products/methods that have led to success during our journey:

  1. Acceptance
  2. Water (from the tap, in a spray bottle and consumed daily)
  3. Coconut Oil (Pre-poo)
  4. Moisturizing Shampoo
  5. Detangling Conditioner (slip is key)
  6. Deep Conditioner
  7. LOC Method (Liquid – water, Oil – Grapeseed, Cream – styler of choice)
  8. Edge Health (styles that minimize stress on edges and castor oil)
  9. Positive Affirmations of Beauty

And Voila!!

The results of her trim and unofficial length check (professionally done as this was beyond my youtube skill level).  Her hair is longer, thicker and so easy to manage that our wash routine has become such a positive experience that both of us approach it with enthusiasm.  We love to see what we can create together, we love to mix and concoct our natural “potions” but most of all we love our time together on this journey back to the future naturally!!


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