Foot care for race day

These foot care tips will start you off on the right foot

Congratulations! You have put in the hours of training and you are finally ready to run the big race! Whether you are running in the Bermuda Day Half Marathon Derby or another long distance race, you should make foot care a priority.

Start from the bottom

Before you hit the road, make sure that your footwear is comfortable. If your athletic footwear needs a little help in this department, a cushioning insole might be just what you need. Scholl GelActiv™ Sport absorbs shock and reduces pressure under the foot for a more comfortable run. People’s also carries Scholl GelActiv™ Work for extra support once you head back to work after your run. If you prefer a full orthotic insole, which can help to relieve pain associated with your heel, ankle, or knee, try Scholl Orthaheel Sports Orthotic Insoles.

Give your ankles some support

While your ankles are technically not feet, the 329 High-Compression Ankle Sleeve by Active Ankle wraps around your heel to help stabilize the joint. What we love about this high compression sleeve is that it comfortably fits in all shoe types and is suitable for all sports and activities. Even if you have not suffered an ankle sprain or injury, a high compression sleeve can add stability to greatly reduce the potential for ligament strain. Wear this during your run to stave off injury.

A nice, relaxing soak

What better way to wind down after a race than in a soothing bath? Luckily, a good Epsom salt soak can also do wonders for your feet. Epsom salt is a tried and true method of foot care and pain relief. Your skin can absorb the magnesium in Epsom salt, reducing swelling and pain from inflammation. Pro tip: make sure to moisturise after an Epsom salt bath, as it can cause dry skin.

CBD FTW (Cannabidiol for the win)

Cannabidiol (CBD) is growing in popularity as medical cannabis becomes more widely available. Try a topical application to relieve any foot pain after your race. Green Roads Muscle and Joint Pain Relief Cream is infused with CBD, menthol, chamomile extract and lavender oil for extra soothing. Kat’s Naturals produces THC-free, organic hemp based options that incorporate sustainably sourced essential oils for maximum impact. The CBD Deep Pain Relief Cream is a high-dose anti-inflammatory cream that, in addition to providing pain relief, smells amazing. If you like a bit of heat, the CBD Capsaicin Heat Cream offers a slight warming effect when massaged into inflamed areas. The capsaicin increases vasodilation and circulation while reducing substance P, a neuropeptide that signals pain. For more localised pain, roll on some SpaRoom® CBD Essential Oil.

Treat those blisters

Despite your best efforts, a race may result in at least one blister. Luckily, most blisters will not require medical attention but there are foot care treatments you can do at home to help them heal. Fight the urge to pop or drain it. Instead, cover it loosely with a bandage. People’s carries a range of blister plasters to instantly relieve pain and protect your blister from infection. Be sure to change your bandage at least once a day and whenever it gets wet or dirty. As your blister heals, you should avoid wearing the shoes or doing the activity that caused the blister in the first place. If you notice any changes in your blister that could signal infection, please see your doctor.


Off to the races

We hope these foot care tips will prevent any unnecessary discomfort and will relieve any pain that your feet may feel after your race. To see our full range of foot care items, please visit People’s, where we will be happy to assist you.


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