Dutch Braid trials and triumphs

For a mother who, upon the birth of her baby girl, was daunted at her full head of hair; I have come a long way.  Her hair has been thick, long and curly from birth.  For as long as I can remember we have been washing, moisturizing, detangling and styling these beautiful curls.

Finally, thanks to my YouTube addiction, I have mastered the BRAID.  Dutch, French, Lace, Waterfall, I’m ready for them all.  I am not yet a flat presser, so these styles were done on her professionally flat pressed hair by myself – Mom Motivated Mane Master

This style was inspired by images and YouTube clips on Cute Girls Hairstyles:

Dutch Braid All Over:

I had to adapt this style to take into consideration the texture of her hair and the length.  The hair is flat pressed but is reverting at the roots.  We decided to braid all the hair around the head to minimize the fly aways and fuzzies.  The hanging front strands were twisted and wrapped around the bun to ensure moisture retention and tangle free hair.

 Double Dutch Braid:

Part hair down center, or slightly off center as I did.  Detangle and moisturized then start the braids.  These two were gathered into one and secured into a low ponytail for security.  She was heading out to a sleepover and her hair needed a hair style to last.


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