Curlformers: Take 1 – Wet, Set and Jet

Where has the time gone.  It’s a bit early for New Year’s Resolutions so how about a 2014- I’m going to do better list.  In 2014, I am really going to make time to keep our hair journey current.

Curlformers recently came into my life.  Despite the lenght of my hair, the density of it required a significant amount of curlformers.  I used two full starter packs of short curly (wide) and short coily (narrow) formers and an additional 10 pack of each.


Products used: Curlformers Starter Packs, Camille Rose Moisture Milk and Eco Styler Gel
Step 1: begin with freshly washed (co-washed), conditioned and LOC moisturized hair.  I installed the curlformers on wet hair; just section after conditioning, apply leave-in (L), oil (O) and moisturizing cream (C) to each section, then pin up and prepare for a solid two hours of installing.

Step 2. take out each section one at a time; divide each section into smaller sections and begin to install the curl formers.  I found it easier to work from the back of head up to the front.

Step 3. apply your holding product (gel or setting lotion or wax or butter) to your section, secure the root into the eye of the rod and pull through.  Voila curlformer is on the hair.

*watch a youtube video or two on proper installation technique. It’s very important to get all your hair into the eye of the rod before trying to pull it into the curlformer.

Step 4. Repeat step 3 about 50 times :-).  And take a few good breaks in-between. Here is what you will look like once you are done (+ about 2 hours)

Curlformers: full head of short coily and curly

Step 5. The Results – carefully remove the curlformers by unravelling gently then sliding them off your hair.  Please make sure hair is completely dry.



Lessons learned from Take 1; hopefully Take 2 will be even better still.

Lesson 1: DONOT begin this at 11:30PM.  It’s a recipe for disaster or at the very least “after pics” where you look like you have been up all night

Lesson 2: use a better holding product.  My curls were a bit too moist for this style.  The long aid gel leaves my hair perfect for a WNG but too “dewy” for this style

Lesson 3: make sure you have the correct number of curlformers in the sizes you want – I neede far more coily (narrow) ones.  And make smaller sections no matter how tired you are.  Do not grab larger sections because your arms are going numb

Lesson 4: make sure you are going in the right direction of your curlformer.  A few of mine in the crown are should have been going the opposite direction (each curlformer color signifies a direction of curl – make sure to be consistent based on your style).

That’s all ladies.  Hope your first attempt or next attempt is a successful one.


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