Happy Mother’s Day to the Expectant Mothers

May 6, 2016.

April 22, 2016.

[Written by pharmacist John Bentley – published on Bernews] A few years ago I was given a case of alcohol-free beer for my birthday, presumably by accident as any honest ... (Read More)

New Product Alert! Pedi Perfect™ Foot File

February 20, 2015.

Winter is in full effect but that doesn’t mean we have to let our feet show it! Say goodbye to those disposable foot files forever and care for your feet ... (Read More)

Get Rid of Lice with These Treatments at Peoples!

February 20, 2015.

Lice emergency? You definitely want to combat those bugs as quickly as possible. Choose from any of the brands below. Available at People’s Pharmacy. Click here to learn more about ... (Read More)

Supplements to Keep Your Heart Happy!

February 20, 2015.

  Heart disease is the leading cause of death in Bermuda but the good news is that it is 95% preventable! Along with a good diet and exercise, keeping your ... (Read More)

A Natural Way to Purify Your Home

February 20, 2015.

In warmer, tropical climates one of the primary concerns, in the home, is mold and mildew! People’s Pharmacy can offer you a more pleasant and effective alternative to the tried and tested ... (Read More)

Lice Alert! Parental Guide to Lice Outbreaks

February 20, 2015.

If you’ve ever gotten a ‘Lice Alert’ from your child’s school or found the little buggers on your own, you’ve felt that sinking feeling that maybe your child has been ... (Read More)

Keep Your Heart Healthy and Happy!

February 3, 2015.

Heart Disease is a broad term used to describe many conditions of the heart including coronary heart disease, heart attack, congestive heart failure, and congenital heart disease. Most heart conditions ... (Read More)

Stop the Pain, Feel the Burn-KT TAPE

January 14, 2015.

What is KT TAPE? KT TAPE is an elastic sports and fitness tape designed for muscle, ligament and tendon pain relief and support. Who is it for? Just about anyone ... (Read More)

January is Cervical Health Awareness Month

January 14, 2015.

Cervical Health Awareness Month is a chance to raise awareness about how women can protect themselves from HPV (human papillomavirus) and cervical cancer. HPV is the most common sexually transmitted ... (Read More)

OraQuick- Your in-home HIV Test Kit

December 3, 2014.

Do you want to take control of your sexual health? If so, here is one way to do it! Give yourself the gift of knowing by taking an OraQuick® in-home HIV ... (Read More)

Nordic Naturals O’MEGA’ Benefits

November 22, 2014.

We’ve all heard about fish oils, omega 3’s, EFA, DHA and the like, but what does all this really mean? To break it down, Essential Fatty Acids (EFA’s) are just ... (Read More)

Understanding Diabetes

November 12, 2014.

Most of us know someone who has been diagnosed with diabetes but we may not fully understand the specifics of the disease. Those who have diabetes know how important it ... (Read More)

New from Philips Sonicare ®

November 4, 2014.

Taking care of our overall health includes incorporating daily routines that target each level of wellbeing. Your oral health is one of them. We often overlook the importance of not ... (Read More)

People’s Fantastic Finds

November 4, 2014.

One of the great things about coming to People’s Pharmacy is the fact that there are so many treasures to find. Whether you’re waiting for a prescription to be filled, ... (Read More)

Teas to Match Your Mission

November 3, 2014.

Whether you drink tea for the flavor, aroma, or various benefits, there are tons of different teas to choose from. People’s Pharmacy offers popular and beneficial teas that can satisfy that tingle ... (Read More)

Make Time to Restore the Natural Way

October 31, 2014.

We all have those days, weeks, months, and even years when we feel that nothing is going our way. That overwhelming feeling adds to the stresses of your daily routine ... (Read More)


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