We Ready for Bermuda Carnival

Bermuda Carnival is only days away. At People’s, WE READY! Here are the must-haves for the road, all of which you can find in the People’s Carnival Pop-Up Shop.

Starting from the ground up

When it’s time to hit the road, comfort is the name of the game. Of course, you also want your comfy shoes to go with your spectacular costume. These cute high top Steps sneakers from Carnivalista give you some height, making your legs look phenomenal, while also providing ankle support and the comfort you need for the parade. Available in neutral colours, this shoe will continue to be a staple wardrobe long after Bermuda Carnival is over. If you prefer more of a sparkle effect, however, come see our shimmery flat sneakers in-store.


Giving you a leg up

Now that your feet are sorted, let’s move onto leg wear. If you want your Bermuda Carnival costume to show off flawless legs, flesh-coloured tights give you some coverage without distracting from your main outfit. Available in various shades, with and without toes, and in regular and plus sizes, tights are the perfect addition to your costume. You can find tights from Micles and Carnivalista in the People’s Carnival Pop-Up Shop.


Don’t sacrifice support

We understand that Bermuda Carnival costumes are, ahem, on the small side. That doesn’t mean, however, that you cannot have some support and still look cute. Come to People’s to check out our variety of backless and adhesive bras, as well as bra converters, clear straps and bra extenders by Maidenform.

Drinks on you

Talk about functional fashion! This gorgeous Blush bracelet doubles as a flask. Honestly, could there be a better accessory for Bermuda Carnival? People’s also carries traditional flasks; we love this one in iridescent Mirage.

Bermuda Carnival is your time to shine

What better time is there to sparkle and shine? Glittering face and body paint take your costume to the next level! The Holographic Glitter options from Moon Glitter catch the light in such a captivating way; it’s worth seeing these in person! People’s also carries gorgeous body paint tubes and crayons by Moon. Of course, Bermuda Carnival isn’t the only time for some body decoration. If you use face and body glitter on a regular, check out the All that Glitters Palette by Festival Face, which contains twelve beautiful glitter options to match any outfit.


Instant art

Are you hesitant to draw on your own body art? These pre-packaged art packs with stick-on gems and metallic body accents make body art a breeze.


Protect your phone

Of course, you will want to have your phone with you to link up with your friends and capture the memories. You don’t, however, want your phone to get wet, painted, sandy, or anything else that could happen during a fun holiday weekend. Keep your phone safe with a waterproof pouch. Remember, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.


Most importantly, please be safe, party responsibly, and have a great time! We’d love to see your Carnival purchases in action. Tag @peoplesbda with #weready.



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