Back to the Future Naturally – First Chapter

As cliche as it sounds, I am on a quest to become a better me.  They say “the journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step”.  Well my bucket list maybe a thousand miles long but, my first step begins today.  I have decided to embrace a more natural and whole way of life and my first step back to my future was the complete abandon of products used to alter the natural state of my hair.  After many years, the hair cycle – relax, damage, cut, grow – is over.  

Time to embrace my kinky, curly, coily, type 4, nappy, knotty or whatever other adjective applies, hair.



Here’s my first attempt at styling my TWA-teeny weeny afro (learned what that meant this weekend) – I didn’t BC-big chop- my hair has been short forEVER.  But I did stop texturizing, relaxing and rinsing and using chemical colors etc. as of Jan 2013.



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