Little Tikes – Make it a great Christmas

November 22, 2014.

At Little People’s (People’s), we have a wide variety of Little Tikes products, guaranteed to make your Little People’s Christmas dreams come true.  Whether you have a budding chef, mechanic or athlete ... (Read More)

Nordic Naturals O’MEGA’ Benefits

November 22, 2014.

We’ve all heard about fish oils, omega 3’s, EFA, DHA and the like, but what does all this really mean? To break it down, Essential Fatty Acids (EFA’s) are just ... (Read More)

People’s Loyalty Card: Your key to better deals and buyer rewards

November 17, 2014.

What? To better serve you, we have introduced the People’s Loyalty Card. Receive more targeted promotions and deals based on your unique buying requirements. Easily accessible and redeemable rewards. The ... (Read More)

Understanding Diabetes

November 12, 2014.

Most of us know someone who has been diagnosed with diabetes but we may not fully understand the specifics of the disease. Those who have diabetes know how important it ... (Read More)

The Anatomy of Hair

November 10, 2014.

Hair Science 101: Human hair is made up of two parts – the follicle in the skin and the shaft that we see.  It contains the sebaceous gland which produces ... (Read More)

Sulfate-Free Shampoos – Why your hair needs them now

November 9, 2014.

As the daughter of a pharmacist my natural inclination is to mix and blend products, to gravitate to the ingredient list and to ensure that, where possible, I know what ... (Read More)

Spa Room Essentials

November 8, 2014.

People’s – New Product Alert: SpaRoom Essentials offers the perfect combination of fragrance, style and healthy living. Enjoy a better sensory experience anytime, anywhere. From healthy humidification and soothing aromatherapy to ... (Read More)

New Product Alert: Tints of Nature

November 8, 2014.

Tints of Nature: The newest addition to our hair color aisle will add brilliant color but is missing a few unhealthy ingredients.  No ammonia, No Parabens, Brilliant Color! We have ... (Read More)

Camille Rose Naturals: Perfect Curl Combo

November 8, 2014.

I’m not sure how many of you are aware of just how  hard it is to find the perfect curl combo.  You mix, you apply, you shingle, you scrunch, you ... (Read More)

New from Philips Sonicare ®

November 4, 2014.

Taking care of our overall health includes incorporating daily routines that target each level of wellbeing. Your oral health is one of them. We often overlook the importance of not ... (Read More)

People’s Fantastic Finds

November 4, 2014.

One of the great things about coming to People’s Pharmacy is the fact that there are so many treasures to find. Whether you’re waiting for a prescription to be filled, ... (Read More)

Teas to Match Your Mission

November 3, 2014.

Whether you drink tea for the flavor, aroma, or various benefits, there are tons of different teas to choose from. People’s Pharmacy offers popular and beneficial teas that can satisfy that tingle ... (Read More)

K.I.S.S. Hair Care

November 3, 2014.

K.I.S.S – Keep It Simple Silly – especially if you are a teen boy. We all know our young men would much prefer burning off the calories or mastering their ... (Read More)

Product Review: Aunt Jackie’s “Don’t Shrink” Flax Seed Elongating Curling Gel

November 3, 2014.

Guest Post: Carla Zuill – Hey all! I am one of those girls who grew up thinking that if your hair wasn’t the texture of Barbie’s it was bad ... (Read More)


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