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Emergency Contraception: The Facts

“I had unprotected sex last night and now I’m worried about getting pregnant. Do I need to see the doctor to get the morning after pill?”   Even with the ... (Read More)

May: Mental Health Awareness Month

Did you know that since 1949, May has been observed as ‘Mental Health Awareness Month’ in the United States?   Between then and now, global understanding and awareness about mental ... (Read More)

Back to the Future Naturally

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The LOC Method: 3 steps to lasting moisture

For better conditioned and beautiful, naturally defined curls, you’re just 3 easy steps away with the LOC method. Follow these simple steps and see the difference today! We’ve suggested some ... (Read More)

A Natural Way to Purify Your Home

In warmer, tropical climates one of the primary concerns, in the home, is mold and mildew! People’s Pharmacy can offer you a more pleasant and effective alternative to the tried and tested ... (Read More)


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Questions About Cannabinoids

I heard you can now buy CBD products from the pharmacy. I am interested in trying CBD, but I have a few questions first… What is CBD?        Following the recent ... (Read More)

Dry Eye Syndrome – Facts, Causes and Treatments

What is Dry Eye Syndrome? Dry eye syndrome is a common condition that occurs when your eyes don’t make enough tears, or your tears evaporate too quickly. This leads to ... (Read More)


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